High School Youth Group

The High School Youth Group is for students in grades 9 thought 12. This program is designed to allow these students to explore areas of their faith. The Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church are used for references so that these students learn how to find scripture passages from the Bible and learn how to find information in the Catechism on any area of faith and Church teaching.

KEPA, the high school youth group, is back to meeting at the old time - NOON on Sundays in the student lounge. We've got a fun semester planned: friends - food - games - service projects - hikes - even planning a camping trip for the spring! Come check it out!  And find us on facebook! For more information contact: Amber Walker at .  This Sunday we're gonna play a game that will be more fun the more folks that show up, and the more friends you bring! Feel free to invite others.  We're also going to learn about some really ancient folks and how their situation relates to us today!

Kathy Scott is currently our Religious Education Coordinator. For for more information or questions please e-mail her at